GPS navigation popularity


GPS navigation popularity
Global Positioning System (Global Positioning System - GPS) is the United States from the last century in the 1970s began to develop, lasting 20 years, 20 billion dollars, in 1994 fully built. The entire system consists of 21 working satellites and three standby satellites, with four satellites in each of the six orbital planes. This configuration enables the number of satellites simultaneously above the horizon to vary from a minimum of four to a maximum of 11, depending on time and location.
System function
Navigation function
1. After the user marks two points arbitrarily on the on-board GPS navigation system, the navigation system will automatically design the best route for the owner according to the current position. In addition, it also has to modify function, because if a user accidentally miss intersection, there is no recommended best lines go car GPS navigation system, vehicle position deviation from the best line tracks more than 200 meters, automotive GPS navigation system will be according to the position of the new vehicle, to design a route back to the main route for the user, or for the user to design a from the best position to the finish line.
2. Turn to voice prompts
As long as the vehicle encounters the intersection in front or turns, the vehicle GPS voice system prompts the user to turn and other voice prompts. This can avoid the owner detours. It can provide the whole process of voice prompts, drivers do not need to observe the display interface can realize the whole process of navigation, making driving more safe and comfortable.
3. The positioning
By receiving satellite signals, GPS can accurately determine its position, with an error of less than 10 meters. If the machine has a map in it, it can be marked with a mark at the corresponding position on the map. At the same time, GPS can also replace the traditional compass, display direction, replace the traditional altimeter, display altitude and other information.
4. Speed
Through GPS to the satellite signal reception calculation, can calculate the specific speed of driving, much more accurate than the general odometer.