What stages should the electronic product R&D project management go through?


    First, the product development planning stage. Company highest level according to the requirements of customers and market forecasts to determine the development direction of new product, the product research and development department to collect data, preparation of new product development plan, approved by the policy makers to discuss to the product design department issued after the design plan descriptions of the products, and specify the project manager will be entirely responsible for r&d of new products until the product batch formally to the customer.
    Second, it is the stage of prototype design, trial production, test and finalization. From the prototype of the scheme design, technical design, trial production, test to improve the design, trial production, test this stage is a repeated process. If the review of the intermediate process can not pass, it is necessary to repeatedly improve the design, trial production, test until the product identification to determine the small batch trial production drawings.
    Third, it is the preparation stage of small batch trial production. At the same time of improving the design of the prototype, the preparation of small batch trial production can be carried out in advance for some parts with certain confidence. When the improved design, trial production and test are finished, small-scale production technology preparation can be carried out after passing the review. It mainly includes process design, design and manufacture of self-made equipment and tooling in the company, ordering of equipment outside the company, selection of matching parts, procurement of raw and auxiliary materials for production, etc.
    Fourth, it is the stage of small batch trial production. After the technical preparation phase of production is completed, a small batch of pilot production is carried out. Small batch pilot production on the one hand to verify whether the process tooling can meet the needs of mass production, on the other hand to small batch pilot production of products for a variety of behavior tests, to determine whether the product quality and technical level to meet the design requirements. After small batch trial production, it shall be submitted to the customer for review and approval. After passing the review, the technical documents such as product, process and equipment can be converted into formal production documents after modification.
Five, batch production stage. Before the mass production of products, we must complete the preparation of after-sales service, including all kinds of technical documents of new products. After the completion of the work in the above stages, we will make prototypes and supply them to customers. After confirming the new product through small batch trial production, to ensure quality and efficiency can be mass production.