Daily maintenance of the projector


The seven points are summarized as follows:

      1. The ambient light of the projection should not be strong, preferably low light


The projection quality of the projector is not only related to the brightness of the projection bulb, but also related to the impact of the projection environment. .The intensity of the light in the working environment of the projector will directly affect the effect of the projection. Therefore, before using the projector, you must first arrange the working environment of the projector and place the projection bulb in a dimly lit environment. The brightness effect of the bright ambient light projected by the projection bulb becomes poor, and the viewing is laborious. In order for the projector to get a better projection effect, we do not prevent the installation of dark opaque curtains in the room to block the backlight, and the location of the room uses materials that are not suitable for reflection. These details will make the projector have the same brightness in the projection bulb. In the case of producing a better projection effect.


      2. Pay attention to the order of power switch

Properly turning on and off the power of the projector has a great influence on the service life of the projection bulb and the internal accessories of the projector. If you turn off the power of the projector indiscriminately, it may turn off the power of the projection lamp and the circuit part of the projector together, causing the cooling fan inside the projector to stop working due to the power failure, resulting in the projection lamp and the projector during the working process. A large amount of heat cannot be discharged through the cooling fan in time. This situation is likely to cause the projection bulb to explode, damage the internal circuit board and cause the projector to fail to work normally.The correct operation sequence for switching the projector's power on and off is: first turn on the power when turning on the projector, and then keep pressing the indicator button on the projector control panel until it does not flash; you can also issue the startup command through the startup button on the remote control. The projector starts up according to the preset startup procedure. When shutting down, never cut off the power supply of the projector directly.You should first press and hold the power-off indicator button until the light does not flash. (At this time, the cooling fan inside the projector will continue to run to dissipate heat, and stop rotating after about 5 minutes); the shutdown command can also be issued through the shutdown button on the remote control, and the CPU inside the projector will instruct the cooling fan to dissipate heat at full speed. At the same time, the CPU needs to detect the internal temperature of the projector. If it is above 40°C, it will issue a command to make the cooling fan continue to run and dissipate heat. If it is below 40°C, it will issue a command to stop the cooling fan and notify it by means of an indicator. Cut off the power, then cut off the power supply of the projector.

       3. There should be a certain time interval after shutting down and turning on again

When the projector is switched from the on state to the off state, there should be at least about 5 minutes of cooling time. Because the power supply of the projector uses a switching power supply method to step down, stabilize, and stabilize the power, the high-power switching tubes and transformers used in the projector power supply work during frequent switching operations of startup and shutdown. At higher frequencies, the switch tube will produce considerable power consumption during frequent switching, and the lost power will be transferred into heat and radiated, which will increase the temperature inside the projector; plus the light bulb itself emits The heat is concentrated in the small space inside the projector, and sudden changes in temperature can easily cause the projection bulb to explode; in addition, frequent switching of the projector’s power supply will also produce a large current impact on the projection bulb, which can easily lead to the projection bulb Damage; it may also damage the components in the circuit.

4. the power supply voltage used should be stable

The stability of the power supply means that the projector and its signal source (that is, the computer that is connected to the projector and provides projection signals to the projector) should be connected to the same power outlet with good quality.The projector and its signal source use the same high-quality power outlet, which can avoid sparking between the sockets caused by plugging and unplugging the power source, damaging the power supply circuit inside the projector, and preventing possible power mismatch Problem, to ensure that the projector is working properly.In order to prevent the explosion of the projection lamp and the mismatch of the working power of the projector, the power supply specification used by the projector has strict regulations. When the user connects the projector to a power outlet. When the user plugs and unplugs the signal line or other circuits with power on, it will spark fire between the plug and socket, damage the signal input circuit, make the projection bulb not work properly, and seriously damage the projector, and even cause a fire accident. Therefore, you must use the power cord that comes with the projector, sometimes because you need an extension cord when you use it, the power extension cord should use good quality copper core wire, and the wire diameter should not be too thin; at the same time, ensure that the power socket connected to the power cord must be reliably grounded .

5. Cannot work continuously for more than four hours

If the projection lamp continues to work for more than four hours, the accumulation of heat emitted by the imaging system inside the projector will cause the temperature inside the projector to rise rapidly, because the quartz on the inner wall of the projection lamp will devitrify at high temperatures Phenomenon, white spots appear on the outer shell of the projection bulbThe devitrification area will block the light emission in a large amount, causing the temperature of the local area of the projection bulb shell to increase abnormally, promoting the further expansion of the devitrification area, making the brightness of the projection bulb attenuated rapidly, and easily causing the bulb to explode. Therefore, it is necessary for the projector to stop working and cool down in a timely manner to extend the service life of the projector and the projection bulb. Don't: the duration of the projector should not exceed four hours each time.

6. Abnormal shutdown and sudden power failure are strictly prohibited

Most of the projectors use cold light source systems. The electricity and light conversion efficiency of the projection bulb is high, and the heat generated is greatly reduced compared with the original metal halide bulb, but the projector is generally small in size, and it is easy to form accumulated temperature locally. Need to rely on the exhaust channel to quickly dissipate heat, which requires the cooling fan to continue to be energized for a period of time after shutting down, so that the accumulated temperature inside the projector can be released in time.Because of this, when the projector is switched on and off, it must be performed in strict accordance with the normal sequence of on and off. Abnormal shutdown is an error operation that seriously violates the opening and shutdown procedures. This type of error operation can reduce the effective life of the projection lamp by up to 200 hours or more each time. It is costly and must be avoided. Sudden power failure is more harmful to the projector than an abnormal shutdown, because the sudden power failure makes the internal temperature of the projector too high, which may cause the chipset on the motherboard to work abnormally, causing the image to turn yellow and no.

7.regular dust removal

When the projector is in use, it is often necessary to install a hanging box to hang it high in the air. This environment is prone to accumulate a large amount of dust, which can easily cause the projector to produce overheating protection for half an hour after it is turned on. In hot and humid seasons or areas, humidity will cause the dust accumulated on the projection bulb shell to form a cement-like film, which will cause the projection bulb to explode due to excessively high accumulated temperature, thermal expansion and contraction during the working process. Therefore, please regularly ask professionals to clean up the dust and prolong the service life. Based on the above reasons, the fundamental reason for prolonging the life of the bulb is to firstly shut down the lamp safely and fully dissipate heat. However, many projector products are equipped with good heat dissipation design in order to improve the utilization rate of the light source, and some other means, so that the life of the bulb has a better extension.