High-definition car GPS audio and video navigation-a must-have artifact for new car riders


What are the benefits of installing and navigating briefly?

1. GPS can automatically navigate the best route, which can save fuel.

2. You don’t need to worry about getting lost when you go to any unfamiliar place in the country, which saves time and improves efficiency.

The space constellation part of GPS satellite GPS consists of 21 working satellites and 3 spare satellites (actually more than 30). These 24 satellites are distributed in 6 orbits, and 4 satellites are unevenly distributed in each orbit. Using the above ephemeris parameters, the receiver can calculate the position (x(n), y(n), z(n)) of a GPS satellite in the orbit at a certain time. The calculation method has public literature data. I won't repeat it in detail.

It is simply a portable guide, and can even guide you straight to the gate of the scenic spots in the north of the sky. Even if you can't see the reference object outside the car, you can go straight to the destination when driving at night, which is really convenient.

3. There is a DVD in the car. It’s not lonely when waiting for someone. You can listen to the radio, watch TV, and MP3MP4. The USB interface can download video and audio programs from the Internet, saving you money on discs all the year round.

4. The Bluetooth hands-free phone function allows you to make calls without having to spare your hands while driving, ensuring driving safety.

5. It is said that the GPS/DVD navigation of the original car requires tens of thousands of dollars in the price of the car, and the quality may not be better than that.

6. The reversing image and the reversing radar are the eyes behind the head, and the reversing safety is guaranteed.

In a foggy day, the mirror is easily obscured by the fog, but the special car camera has the five advantages of high-definition, waterproof, anti-fog, high sensitivity and infrared night vision. Even in the foggy day, it can display the rear image of the car in high-definition.

To sum up: The most suitable for the crowd: novice riders who are not familiar with the road, riders who often go to other places! Bikers who love to listen to music/watch movies!

The dedicated car navigation is exactly the same as the original car’s route, and only needs to be docked. Non-destructive installation, does not damage the original car line.

Please don't worry about this.

The navigation screen is touch, user-friendly control

HD reversing video

The dedicated car navigation is a mosaic design, which perfectly matches the original car.

Special car DVD navigation screen is bigger, easier to watch and safer.

The special car DVD navigation is fixed more firmly, and it is not easy to reflect light.

Special car DVD navigation can be touched, humanized design.