About the car camera, these three errors you must pay attention to


  • About the car camera, these three errors you must pay attention to

Original Car Camcorders What's worth buying August 10  

Anti-collision porcelain, anti-scratch, anti-traffic disputes and other driving problems are basically inevitable for the partners of car owners. Sometimes they dare not help grandma crossing the road. Sometimes it is not necessarily the truth to see with their own eyes.  Sometimes silent, not don't want to, but dare not.  Driving outside, a little brush is inevitable, have an eye, all ears, but also the ability to leave evidence of the car recorder is crucial.  Nowadays, the use of automobile data recorder is becoming more and more widespread. However, due to the market popularization for many years, there will be mixed conditions, such as different prices, complicated parameters and numerous standards.  So the question is, when we pick the dashcam, what are we picking?  What better way to use a dash CAM?  What do we need to know?  What preparations should be made and what potholes should be avoided before buying?  Is expensive the best?  With these questions in mind, today we help you answer one by one.  


The point of choose and buy  

Main control chip for vehicle ca

The chip is the processor, mainly responsible for data image acquisition and compression and imaging, those poor chips are prone to severe heat, resulting in blurred images.  

Image sharpness  


The most important thing for a car recorder is the recording function. Whether the function is powerful or not, the first is the resolution, the higher the value, the higher the definition, as we all know, the current mainstream resolution is at least 1080P, a little better can do 2K, and the higher end has reached 4K, which can record clearer details.  

Night sharpness also depends on the machine's sensors and the aperture of the lens.  A good sensor with a large aperture makes up for sharpness when light is scarce.  At present, the lens aperture of mainstream automobile data recorder is generally between F1.6 and F2.0. The smaller the F value, the larger the aperture, and the higher the definition  

  • 2. What are the functions of car cameras?

On the one hand, it can record our driving track, prevent the occurrence of collision incident, real restore the accident scene, avoid eating dumb loss.  

On the other hand, the market constantly updated recorder products, with the improvement of resolution, clear camera can also help you at any time to capture the scenery of the journey, especially love to take vlog friends, this operation is god assist.  

As well as other functions such as navigation, voice-controlled selection, safety and violation tips, the vehicle data recorder has become the most demanding vehicle equipment  


Myth of choose and buy  

Is the wide Angle of the dashcam better  

This is not necessarily the case, sometimes the larger the wide Angle, the distortion of the picture.  

Double lenses are better than single lenses  

Dual-lens dashcam has certain requirements on the processing capacity of the machine chip, and the cheap chip adopted by some manufacturers cannot guarantee the normal operation of dual-lens dashcam.  

The more features, the better  

Many people want to buy a multi-functional dashcam, that can be a multi-purpose machine, in fact, if the multi-functional all-in-one machine is not chosen, it is easy to hole a poor picture effect, machine life is short  

Dashcam provides 24-hour parking monitoring  

In fact, many dashcams are single lens. If there is no street light around at night, the shooting will not be clear, and it is difficult to achieve 24 hours of parking monitoring. For friends who have requirements on this point, there is really not much need.  


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