How is the dashcam installed and wired?


  • How is the dashcam installed and wired?

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How is the dashcam installed and wired?  

Car recorder 4S shop to install a few thousand, we buy to buy hundreds of dollars, after buying back do not know how to install and wiring is more troublesome, sometimes, but also would rather spend more money to 4S shop, today to share their own how to install.  

Pay attention to the length of the power cord and remember to buy a memory card  

Before buying the car recorder, consider where to connect the electricity. If you want to connect it in the back row, the power cord should be more than 6 meters at least, and the front row is almost 3 meters.  

Of some dash CAM that store card, it is to want to buy additionally, also want to ask clearly before buying, buy to come back to use not otherwise.  


Install in a reasonable position, do not block the line of sight  

Dashcam, inside rearview mirror, right in the middle, right on the right, that would make more sense.  


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It doesn't block the line of sight, and the recorder, it gives you this much wider range, and it's easy to wire.  


Some cars have light sensors on the back of their mirrors, so don't block them when you install them.  


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What should I pay attention to when installing?  


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Run the wire around the rearview mirror a few times to prevent the recorder from falling off or taking off.  Breaking the dash CAM would be bad, but it would also avoid danger  


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Plug the extra power cord into the gap in the ceiling  

Then plug the power cord into the gap in the ceiling.  

Most of the car, the ceiling is a certain amount of elasticity, a little hand to open a little bit can be stuffed in  


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Pry open the interior panel and walk the wire in  

After the ceiling wiring, use the warped board to pry open the interior panel of pillar A, and then walk the wire in.  

Because of the interior panel and a-pillar, it's secured by the internal buckle, it's not glue.  So you don't have to worry too much about the installation is not beautiful.  It's exactly the same as the original  


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Insert the thread into the gap in the glove box  

Then, slip the wire through the gap in the doorframe tape and walk all the way around the doorframe until you reach the glove box.  


Generally, the bottom of the glove box is a certain gap at the interface, as long as the line is inserted.  


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Then plug the power cord at the other end into the cigarette lighter  

This end of the wire, put it temporarily do not install, plug the other end of the power cord into the cigarette lighter, plug the wire into the space under the central control, wiring is done.  

If the thread is too long, tie it together, and then tape it under the glove box. Do not spread it out, make sure it is nice and clean.  


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Be careful not to touch the line against the seat rails  

Some friends may need to install the wire to the back row, so when passing through the A pillar, first go back along the sealing rubber strip, through the B pillar.  

Finally through the rear mat, to reach the vicinity of the glove box, a little attention, wear, do not let the line touch the seat on the slide, clip off the trouble.  


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Be careful not to expose the thread  

The structure of different cars is different, the installation wiring may also be different, we try to find the gap, the camera wire hidden and fixed, this is a principle.  

Do not let the line exposed in the door, door frame, pedal so easy to be touched in these places, beautiful and safe.  


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Check it out when you're done  

After the wiring is installed, adjust the dashcam so that the front of the car is in the lower third of the picture, and you can see clearly the front of the car and the left and right sides.  


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Then the installation and wiring of the dashcam are completed. Have you learned it