Introduction to the function of car driving recorder


There are many functions of the driving data recorder:
First of all, the accident is recoverable.
Secondly, fatigue driving can be avoided. The driving record can record the driver's driving time. Some recorders have a reminder function. If you are tired, you can remind the owner to avoid fatigue.
The third is to play a role in security monitoring. The driving recorder monitors the condition of the car at any time. Combined with remote network control, when items in the car are stolen or the car is lost, system commands can be used to automatically photograph the inside and outside of the car to provide clues for solving the case.
Seeing this, many friends will ask, how to install this driving recorder? Okay, let's talk about how to install a driving recorder.
First determine the installation location of the recorder. The driving recorder is generally installed in the middle of the vehicle, which is more conducive to recording driving conditions.
Secondly, insert the memory card into the card slot of a driving data recorder, and install the influence driving recorder to a suitable position. Now most of our common driving recorders can be installed on the rearview mirror of the car.
Next, you need to plan the route direction of the dash cam.
Driving recorder wiring: roof → A → co-pilot baffle → lighter socket. If the line is long enough, you can also walk from the bottom of the passenger pedal to the cigarette pointer.
Finally, insert the power plug of the driving recorder into the cigarette lighter of a Chinese car, turn on the display of our driving recorder, set the time, record, and store technical update information, and the installation environment is ready. Then, the owners and friends can choose to drive out for two laps to test and analyze whether the recorder can manage the work normally.
If your friends feel that they do not have strong hands-on ability and are afraid that their installation will damage the vehicle, you can choose a 4s shop for vehicle repair, or a car repair shop they are more familiar with. You can also go to the driving recorder when you buy from them When driving recorder, you install it directly. Save time and trouble.