What kind of environments can the projector be used in?


1. Home theater type: Its characteristic is that the brightness is around 2000 lumens (with the development of projection, this number is increasing, and the contrast is higher), and the aspect ratio of the projection screen is mostly 16:9. Various video ports are complete, suitable for playing movies and high-definition TV, suitable for home users.
2. Portable e-commerce projector: Generally, a projector that weighs significantly less than 2 kilograms can be defined as a portable projector for business. The weight of this product is comparable to the development of thin and light notebook computers. The advantages of portable projectors for business systems are small size, light weight, and strong mobility. It is a substitute for traditional slide projectors and large and medium-sized projectors. The combination of thin and light notebooks or computers with business portable projectors is a mobile Internet business. The first choice for enterprise users to analyze the business model of a mobile company.
3. Educational conference projector: generally positioned in schools and corporate applications, using mainstream resolution, brightness around 2000-3000 lumens, moderate weight, good heat dissipation and dustproof, suitable for installation and short-distance movement, rich functional interface, easy to maintain, High cost performance, suitable for bulk purchase and popular use.
4. Mainstream engineering projectors: Compared with mainstream ordinary projectors, engineering projectors have larger projection areas, longer distances, and high brightness, and generally support multi-lamp mode, which can better cope with large-scale and multi-machine The installation environment is very suitable for education, media, government and other fields.
5. Professional theater projector: This type of projector pays more attention to stability, emphasizes low failure rate, heat dissipation performance, network function, and ease of use. Of course, in order to adapt to various professional applications, the most important feature of a projector is its high brightness, which can generally reach more than 5,000 lumens, and the highest can exceed 10,000 lumens. Because of its large size and heavy weight, it is usually used for special purposes, such as theaters, museums, city halls and public areas. It can also be used for traffic monitoring, public security command centers, fire and air traffic control centers, etc.
6. Measuring projectors: These projectors are different from the above-mentioned types of projectors. They were called contour projectors in the early days. With the expansion of the grating ruler, the projector is equipped with a high-precision grating ruler, also called a measuring projector. To distinguish them from traditional projectors, they are called measuring projectors. Its main function is to transmit light through product components to form an enlarged projector, and then use standard film or grating rulers to determine the size of the product. With the development of industrialization, this measuring projector has become one of the most commonly used measuring instruments in the manufacturing industry. Regular projection is divided into vertical projection and horizontal projection. According to its contrast standard, it is divided into contour projectors and digital projectors.