Do you really know how to use a car dashcam?Do you really know how to pick and choose?


Whether it is an old driver, a new driver, a male driver, or a female driver, they are afraid of accidents and collisions. There is only a driving recorder. Today Yingjia Electronic Technology will teach you how to buy a driving recorder.

     If your car is found to be scratched while driving, or the car was painted by some unscrupulous people when the car was parked on the side of the road, don’t panic, just turn on the dash cam, you can clearly see the person responsible for the accident Who the hell is it? Do you think it's a lot easier?

     So many people have said that the car I bought was originally a second-hand car, and it was not worth a lot of money. Even if it was scratched, it didn’t hurt, and the annual car insurance only paid the most basic ones. I didn’t need to pay any more. Spend money to install a driving recorder.

     What I want to say is, even if your car is scratched and it doesn't hurt, what if you run into someone who can’t tell you what?

     The most important thing is that a new "occupation" has emerged in the current society-Pengci. The Porcelain incident in the past few years caused panic throughout the country. Even the old man did not dare to help if he fell. As Shen Teng’s sketch of Spring Evening said, he drove on a big run before he was touched, but now he changed to riding a bicycle. Although it is just a joke, the social reality it reflects does exist.

     As a result, dash cams became particularly popular during that time. In the case of professional touches, the driving recorder will provide decisive evidence for solving the case. Let those bad guys no longer have a chance to take advantage of.

     When choosing a driving recorder, what aspects need to be paid attention to? Then I will start it for you one by one.


     Choose 1296p or 1080p? For recorders with anti-collision porcelain, the resolution of 1080p is sufficient, too high will greatly reduce the service life of the memory card, and at the same time shorten the recordable time of each card. In addition, 1296p reduces the light input to each pixel on average, and the night vision effect becomes worse, which is more than the gain. The number of pixels corresponding to the 1080P image is exactly 2.1 million. No matter how many pixels there are, the sharpness will not increase significantly, but on average, the brightness of each pixel will decrease, resulting in poor night vision. Pay attention to overall performance, not be confused by the size of the numbers.

wide Angle

     Select the dashcam, the camera must be wide Angle, at least more than 120 degrees, in order to clear the front and both sides of the road prone to accidents and racketeer Angle.Now a good dashcam, generally the wide Angle is about 120-140 degrees is normal, and brands such as Xiao Yi and Philips even have 150-160 degrees.

night view

     Be clear in the long view/at night.This is not only a high-definition problem, but also related to the design of the lens, especially in the night shooting, if the definition is not enough, slightly distant license plate/road signs are not clear, then the function of the dashcam is greatly reduced.

Can still record after power off

     The most important function of dashcam is to prevent collision and racketeer. It can also work when the car is stalled and the working condition is unstable, so as to ensure that the scene situation can be recorded after the accident.

Range ability

     Today's recorders come with batteries, but most can last up to four hours.Some batteries only last for 30 minutes, so the dashcam can work during the day, but at night it shuts down due to power limitations.

Lock the video

     The general recorder has, the principle is actually gravity sensing.When the car is violently shaken, like in a crash, the video will be locked down and deleted.The purpose is to be used as video evidence of accident damage and accident disputes.

     I hope you can help me with the tips of using and choosing a dashcam.However, I want to remind you that dashcam is only an auxiliary tool for our driving. Only when drivers strictly abide by the traffic regulations and improve their safety awareness can they avoid risks to the greatest extent.